2018 Blue Chip Pre-Season Challenge Apr 20 2018 - Apr 22 2018 | 5 Games
Spooky Nook Sports

Event Information

Early Registration & Fee:

$600 by Mar-12-2018 (Early Fee)
$700 after Mar-12-2018 (Regular Fee)

Registration & Roster Deadline:


This is an annual event held each spring and is one of the largest exposure tournaments in the US. The Spooky Nook Sports holds all 30 Courts used in one location!! No driving from gym to gym. There are five guaranteed games. Early Sunday departure.

Last year 285 teams registered and over 200 colleges coach attend annually.

Game Time Footage will be filming at this event. For more information please go to this site https://gametimefootage.com/pages/blue-chip

All teams must be available to play on Friday, April 20. Games begin at 11:30am on Friday.

Coaches and Players can check in beginning on Friday, April 20 at 10:00am.

Players are able to arrive just 1 hour prior to their first game to check-in and receive their lanyard. Players MUST wear this lanyard in order to enter or exit court site.

Coaches (who must be NCAA certified) can register anytime throughout the event to receive their coach band. Each coach must have picture ID to receive their coach band. Only NCAA certified coaches will receive bands and be allowed to sit on the bench with their team.


Fri, Apr 20 - 2 games

Sat, Apr 21- 2 games

Sun, Apr 22 - 1 game

All participating teams must be registered on NCAA and must check off you are attending the Blue Chip Basketball Pre-Season Challenge under Edit Team Events (on the NCAA site) and scroll to bottom to hit save. That is how Blue Chip receives your information from the NCAA.

See NCAA Links under our Main Menu for more info and links.

Tournament Requests:

$50 Charge for 1st day time requests - if made 14 Days before the start of the event.

Request must be made 14 days prior to the event or at the time of application and payment by HEAD COACH ONLY. Email to info@bluechipbasketball.com and include name of team and contact phone number.

NO request will be taken 13 days before the event begins for any reason.

No special scheduling for coaching two or more teams. You must have another certified coach available.

All teams must be prepared to play the first game slot of the event.

Also, no time requests on last day, unless flights are involved, and you must tell us 14 days before the start of the event.

Once the schedule is up, there will be no changes, unless it is our mistake. If a change is made at your request it will be a $100 fee.

Please note: Allowing for scheduling requests is not fair to the other teams that do not make requests. And every game change request can affect eight other teams.

All Blue Chip events are STAY-TO-PLAY. All hotel arrangements must be secured exclusively through Apex Events. Please do not contact the hotels directly. All teams must book through Apex Events to be compliant with Blue Chip’s tournament hotel policy and avoid a $250 penalty per team. Booking Link: https://mmxreservations.com/fer/apex?pageCode=2018BlueChipBasketball
Please email Apex Events at info@apex-events.com or call 570-709-2478 with any questions.