Tournament Rules

    1. Listed first and sits to the right of the score table.
    2. Wears light/white colored uniform.

    1. Two sixteen (16:00) minutes stop-time halves.  Clock stops on every whistle.
    2. HALF TIME: Three (3:00) minutes.
    3. TIMEOUTSTwo full one minute (1:00) and one thirty second time outs for the entire game.
      In the overtime periods, there will be one full (1:00) time out allowed.
      Time-Outs DO NOT CARRY OVER from regulation.  This includes twenty second time outs.
      1. 1st OT – three (3:00) minutes
      2. 2nd OT – two (2:00) minutes
      3. 3rd OT – one (1:00) minute
    5. MERCY RULE: Clock will NOT stop in the last four (4:00) minutes of 2nd half if one team has 20+Lead.  If it goes lower than 20, the clock will stop again, until it goes over 20 again.
    6. Last minute of the game and OT - clock stops on made basket.

  • GAME RULES: NCAA Women's Rules EXCEPT:
    1. No Shot Clock (10 second back court rule applies).
    2. Five second closely guarded on held ball and dribble.
    3. One and one foul shots begin on the 10th foul.
      No double bonus shots will be awarded at any time.
    4. Players will Foul-Out after their 6th foul!!!

  • Each Team is required to have a designated person to sit at the scorerís table to keep your own scorebook. There will be a third person at the table from tournament to moderate.

  • Each Team must clean their bench area after each game.

  • There will be a trainer on duty throughout the tournament. The trainer is not there to tape ankles. This should be done by the team or by the parent of the player. If it is impossible for you to have a player taped in advance, please bring your own tape and our trainer will try to assist you.

  • There will be a concession stand available during the entire tournament.

  • Please be on time for your games. We will allow you a 15-minute grace period from the scheduled start of your game. If you are later than 15 minutes, a forfeit may be declared.

The clock does not stop after a made basket for the last two minutes.

These rules are subject to change and will be posted at scorekeeper table prior to start of tournament.