• How do I change my TEAM NAME or COACH or AGE or RATING?
    Once you have registered a team, our office prints your application and does not see any further changes you might make to the Team Name, Coach, Age or Rating. Therefore if you need to change those categories you must call our office to notify us.

  • What Age is my team considered?

  • How are teams pooled?
    For the best competition we pool teams according to the age and rating on your registration. Be accurate.

  • What is needed on the Roster for each event?
    NCAA requires that the roster be filled out completely with each individual participant's information.
    Do not use a coach's address, email, or phone number unless it pertains to the coach's daughter only.
    All roster information is included in the College Coach Packet and is for their eyes only.
    For certified events you must also add it to the NCAA website (click NCAA Link under Main Menu).
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