• Who participates in Blue Chip Basketball events?
    Female high school aged players (some younger ages accepted - see information for each event).

  • How do I register my team for an event?
    All applications must be done online at www.bluechipbasketball.com. You need to create a DIFFERENT username and password for EACH team that you register. Please keep them simple.
    IMPORTANT: We do not receive your registration until payment has been made.
    You will receive an email confirmation once payment has been submitted.

  • How do I know if my team is registered for an event?
    When you click on the tournament and enter the username and password for that team you should see 'YOUR TEAM IS REGISTERED FOR THIS TOURNAMENT'Ě. If you do not see this, then either payment was not yet made or you are using an incorrect username and/or password.

  • What if I forgot my username and/or password?
    Click under 'Sign-In'Ě and click on 'Forgot Password'Ě to enter email address for it to be sent to you.

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